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Volunteer at local events and the 2018 Festival



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  Festival VOlunteer Information

We are asking all of our volunteers to fill at least one 2-hour shift, but you are more than welcome to sign up for more. If you are volunteering with a specific group, organization, or company, look for your 'recommended shift'. If you have not yet signed up for a shift, please do so above! Shifts are not guaranteed.

Volunteer Training & Orientation

  • Online Training: Please watch the Online Training HERE before coming to the Festival. As mentioned in the video, if you have any questions about Encircle or cultural awareness, or are interested in implementing a cultural awareness training elsewhere, contact Jordan Sgro at
  • Day-of Orientation: Volunteers are asked to attend a Volunteer Orientation on the day of the Festival on Saturday, July 28 at 12:00PM MST at Rice-Eccles Stadium. To get into the stadium before Doors Open at 2pm, go to the check-in tent at the NW corner of the stadium.

Getting to the Stadium

  • Public Transit: TRAX is offering free rides to and from the Stadium for all LOVELOUD ticket holders on July 28. Have your ticket ready and ride to Stadium Station (1349 E. 500 S.)
  • Parking: Volunteer parking will be the same as Festival patron parking - parking is free.

Volunteer Check-In

  • Arrive to your volunteer shift 20 minutes early.
  • If you are checking in BEFORE Doors Open at 2:00PM, go to the check-in tent in the NW corner of the stadium to get your credentials and gain access (see map below).
  • If you are checking in AFTER Doors Open at 2:00PM, go to Volunteer HQ located by the merchandise area at the South end of the stadium to get your credentials (see map below).
  • All volunteers will be able to leave and re-enter the stadium with credentials at the SW corner of the stadium.

Volunteer Food & Drink

  • Those volunteering for any shift starting at 6:00PM or later will receive a free meal ticket.
  • Water and drinks will be available to all volunteers all day.

Escalated Situations

  • If you see any type of harassment,hate speech, violence, or bashing, alert your manager immediately. Do not engage the individual. Your manager will assess the situation and alert security. Managers or endangered persons can call 801-613-2897 to get to a safe place, or text "FANUP <issue and location>" to 69050 to alert the stadium.
  • In case of emergency, call 911.

Spread the LOVELOUD love!

  • Volunteers are not official representatives of LOVELOUD. Please do not speak in behalf of LOVELOUD. Do not speak to the press.
  • Remember you are wearing the LOVELOUD brand! Be great about it, be kind, be a force for good. Make sure that everyone feels safe in our space. Spread the LOVELOUD love and smile, because you are contributing to such a worthy mission.

Thursday, July 26 Volunteers

We will be assembling bracelets starting at 5:00PM on Thursday, July 26 at Rice-Eccles Stadium, and will go until we are done or 9:00PM - whichever comes first! This is casual, open to all, come and go as you please. We will meet in the SW corner of the stadium.

Contact your Zone Manager or Volunteer HQ Managers if you have questions before, during, or after your shift. If you have not yet signed up for a shift/zone or would like to sign up for more, go here.

Contact Information - Zone Managers

Volunteer HQ Manager:

  • Andy Selcho - (801) 652-6942

  • Christian Jolley - (801) 735-9990

Merchandise Zone Manager:

  • Cathy Kleiman - (801) 822-6744

Hug Squad Zone Manager:

  • Bobby Damron - (610) 329-4231

Usher/Information Zone & Cool-down Zone Manager:

  • Brock Handley - (801) 971-0805

Check In Zone Manager:

  • Braden Hodges - (801) 809-9322

  • Rachel Rowan - (208) 251-0263

Set Up Crew Zone Manager:

  • Mark and Val Beck - (435) 770-1100 and (435) 760-5173

Tear Down Zone Manager:

  • Christian Jolley - (801) 735-9990

Stadium Gates Zone Manager:

  • Mark and Val Beck - (435) 770-1100 and (435) 760-5173


More events will be added soon. Check back here or on Facebook